Many of our past clients have shared their experience


Exceptional work!! Dan was so accommodating and worked with our budget. They could not be more professional. The week leading up to our outdoor wedding at Bella Collina we had an 80% chance of rain. He personally called us and put our minds at ease that they would be standing by to do the lighting either outdoors or indoors the morning of our wedding. Honestly, even if we had to move it indoors, his lighting plan made me equally as excited. True professionals with great customer service! Luckily it didn't rain, and they ultimately transformed an event lawn into a truly classy, timeless, and stunning venue that went beyond our expectations even! We couldn't have been happier! Thank you!!


Kaleidoscope did an amazing job lighting our wedding at The Acre with beautiful market lights! I worked with Dan and he was so easy to get in touch with and very professional. Once everything was booked he took it from there and I didn't have to worry about anything, which as a bride was such a nice relief! Would totally recommend working with this company, they will make your wedding look beautiful!


Kaleidoscope did an amazing job with the lighting at our wedding. The crystal chandelier that was hanging from the tent was stunning and the guests are still talking about how they transformed the tent with all those twinkle lights and the other parts of the property with the market lights. We worked with Dan who made things so easy. We never worried about a thing!


Our wedding at Casa Feliz was absolutely dreamy. We had asked for a special addition to our lighting package and they were so accommodating. Dan's patience was above and beyond, we went back and forth for a while about what package we wanted and the aesthetic of it all and he went with the flow from beginning to end. Definitely recommend!


Dan did an amazing job with the lighting for our wedding at Bella Collina. The pound area that is already beautiful looked breathtaking after the sun went down creating a beautiful warm and romantic look that we were looking for with the market lights and the uplights provided by them. I would highly recommend Kaleidoscope for anyone!


Kaleidoscope absolutely created a magical atmosphere at our four seasons wedding reception. They made a custom starry sky structure over the dance floor, and used different lighting around the whole ballroom. Ben even stayed the whole night and changed the lighting as the night went on to create different moods. It was exceptional, and I'm so glad we did this!! Ben and his team really made our big day that much more spectacular and special.


Cannot begin to explain how grateful we are to have found Kaleidoscope! They were such a pleasure to work with. I had a vision that they fulfilled 110%. Would recommend them to all of my family and friends! Thank you so much!


Ben and the Kaleidoscope team absolutely took my breath away with their original lighting design for my wedding! We had completely unique requests and wanted lighting design that hadn't been seen before! Ben took the creative reigns and just blew us all away with his design! Ben even stayed and changed up our lighting for each dance and event - it was like having our own lighting event team the whole evening! I can't say enough amazing things about them and would recommend them to everyone!


Ben with Kaleidoscope is an absolute genius! My biggest wish for the wedding was to be able to have a chandelier over the dance floor, but there weren’t any trees of anything else to hang it from. Ben found a way to put in discrete posts that almost made it look like the chandeliers were just hanging from nothing! Absolutely beautiful! Then, on top of that, he went above and beyond anything I expected! He brought two extra small chandeliers to also hang over the dance floor that were beautiful. He also created a projection of out initials that matched our stationary and projected it into the reflection pool. Not only did he do what we expected, and incredibly well, he also put so much clear effort into making our day perfect.


I asked Kaleidoscope to do 3 suspended crystal chandeliers in a space where they had only done 1. Ben took on the challenge, did the appropriate research and made it happen for my wedding day. Did I mention this was outside? Kaleidoscope went the extra mile for me (or maybe 20!) and their string lighting, crystal chandeliers, leko lights, and more are what made my reception a glowing night of elegance. The chandeliers reflecting on dance floor was one of my favorite elements to the whole night. 

A big thank you to Ben and the Kaleidoscope team!


I could go on and on about Ben but his work speaks for itself. When someone tells you that lighting makes all the difference, listen to them. Even though my venue was gorgeous by itself, nothing compared to my beautiful chandelier, market lights and tent work. My wedding pictures look fantastic! Even the ones taken with an iphone camera because the backdrop was to die for. I can't imagine hiring anyone but Kaleidoscope for any event.


Ben & Company – Thank you for making our wedding evening so beautiful! We could NEVER have accomplished the look we were going for without your creativity and vision. As I look back on the pictures and talk to my friends/family, they all agreed that it was one of the most amazing outdoor evening weddings thay had been to...EVER! I can't thank you enough! You and your crew were unbelievable! NO BRIDE should think that lighting doesn't make a huge difference....I had no idea how the look & ambience would change after you worked your magic. It was beyond anything I could have imagined! Thank you, thank you, thank you from me and my husband, Jim.


Wow what a difference the lighting in our ballroom made! Ben and his team did a great job at matching the blue we wanted and bringing it into the room. Our Monogram was turned into a GOBO and was projected in the stage behind the band and looked amazing. The Kaleidoscope team was great to work with, quick to respond and reasonably priced.


Kaleidoscope is amazing! From beginning to end, they were so friendly and helpful and truly created an incredible atmosphere for my Paris-themed wedding. I could not say enough kind words about these folks. So easy to work with, hard workers, and incredible vision! Ben Lawles listened to my ideas and concerns and executed the most beautiful setting... more than I had ever imagined. We love Kaleidoscope! Thank you for everything!


“WOOOOOOOOW!” That is what my guests said as well as my husband and I the first time we stepped into our outdoor reception. The trees that were draped in spanish moss on the river bank of Hontoon River were illuminated with green LED lighting and the seating area was outlined in gorgeous market lighting.

It was like stepping into a completely different venue- something that exceeded my wildest dreams. The dance floor came to life with changing colors that set the tone for each dance/event. The entire drive way was lined with trees that were framed out with my green and white color scheme- it was a grand entrance and exit for my guests. The parking lot was in a field and Kaleidoscope was even able to light up this area for all of my guests to safely guide them to and from their cars.

There is no other way to say that Kaleidoscope MADE my event. I have great vendors and great plans but without the lighting my event would not have been the EXPERIENCE it ended up being. Simply put- BEST DECISION we made on our wedding- hands down.


Ben and his team are next to none! They were so responsive, which extremely important to me! They are experts at what they do and really made our event look magical! I can not say enough great things about them. Their work speaks for themselves so check out their website! It was extreme pleasure working with them!


We recently had an outdoor reception and lighting really made it magical! We had market lights with paper lanterns, amber uplighting that added a beautiful glow, and pin lighting adding light to guest tables. It was gorgeous! It really set the tone to the event and made all the difference. Guests said it was the most beautiful and elegant wedding they have ever been to! Well worth the money. Thanks Ben!


Kaleidoscope provided great service and gorgeous lighting! Our chandelier was magical and everything I could have imagined. Ben coordinated with the tent company to make sure everything went smoothly. I'd recommend Kaleidescope to any bride!


We couldn't have been more thrilled with the quality of service that Kaleidoscope Lighting provided at our wedding. I asked for parallel string lighting instead of crisscrossed, and they made it happen. The up lighting on the buildings and stations also was simply light white, instead of a cheesy color. They truly made our event look elegant and sophisticated. It was the perfect touch to our Tuscan themed wedding. The staff was reliable and professional and the lighting turned out wonderfully in our pictures.


I went looking for someone to do outside Market lighting for Casa Feliz. Every company I spoke to had an almost square looking design with a possible X through it. I let my light designer know that I wasn't in love with the look they had sent me and he sent me an entirely 'new' design that they hadn't named yet which was exactly what I was looking for. The day of the wedding I was very happy with the lighting it definitely lit up the back courtyard for our dinner and the lanterns that I had envisioned since the beginning of planning definitely were the icing on my day! :)


At first I doubted the need for lighting at my ceremony and reception, but I'm so glad I took my coordinator's advice and hired Kaleidoscope Event Lighting! Dan understood that I was going for a simple and elegant look and designed lighting that absolutely fit that style. We chose amber lights and they created a soft, romantic glow...very flattering for the guests and went so well with the flowers, linens, and votives of the reception room. I highly recommend Kaleidoscope!


Kaleidoscope was excellent. They made my wedding reception look amazing and how I pictured it without any problems. Anyone needing lighting, should def use them.

Thanks so much!‎


Everything looked amazing! It was just as I had pictured the night and I have received so many wonderful complements about how beautiful everything looked!

Katie & Cory

Excellent company! They made our wedding beautiful with the lighting services they provided! Everything was perfect!


Our wedding planner (Susie Weiss of Wonderful Weddings) recommended Kaleidoscope Event Lighting for our reception and their work was incredible. They added beautiful uplighting of the already beautiful Casa Feliz, as well as strings of carnival lights. I really cannot imagine our wedding without the lighting, it added an ambiance and festiveness that was just the perfect touch.

Their work is fabulous, call them today!


Melissa at Casa Feliz recommended using Kaleidoscope for our market lights and outdoor up-lighting. Working with Michelle was effortless. After we sent back the contract we received a small package from her ... a movie night themed box complete with Sour Patch Kids, Milk Duds, popcorn, and gift card to Blockbuster! How cool is that?!

The lighting went up just as effortlessly as working with Michelle. The lighting was stunning and completed the look I was going for.


I got married on Feb. 27th and used Kaleidoscope to illuminate my reception area with market lights and up-lighting. There were many last minute changes do to the inclement weather and they really were prepared, especially since there was an unexpected Tent :)

I would definitely recommend Kaleidoscope to any bride wishing to have an elegant, fun, and atmospheric wedding. I was blown away with the service received from start to finish. Great job Kaleidoscope!!!!


I can't rave enough about what a fantastic experience working with Ben and the team at Kaleidoscope Event Lighting was. I knew I wanted a special feeling for our wedding, but had never considered lighting. Our wonderful wedding planner, Brandee Gaar of Blush by Brandee Gaar, suggested Ben Lawles and Kaleidoscope. Ben, Brandee and I talked about what the vision for the wedding was, and in very short order, Ben sent me a proposal. We worked together to make it very personal and "us". I cannot even explain how truly amazing our wedding was as a result. The lighting was simply breathtaking, and surpassed my every dream! Every single cent we spent with KE was more than worth it, and I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat! In addition to providing a great service, Ben and his team were absolutely wonderful partners. I wish every bride could have such a great experience as we did - but then they'd all have to use Kaleidoscope!


I maintained a winter theme throughout my wedding. Kaleidoscope offered an icy blue up-lighting that was perfect for my reception. It created a magical ambiance that set the overall tone for the entire evening. All of the guests raved about the decor and Kaleidoscope definitely exceeded my expectations :) Thanks again!!

David & Bethany

Hello Ben, I don't even know where to begin. Additional and/or custom lighting had never crossed our minds, as we had a pretty strict budget. Then I found out we could get some neat lighting for less than what we were paying for linens. As you know, I've been in Event Management for the last 13 years. I expect the best product/service possible for the dollar that I am going to spend. Knowing now that I could afford some neat lighting, I began to ask around to people I know from my facet of our industry, as well as all of the folks I had been meeting in the wedding portion of the industry. 9 out of 10 people that I asked said "Kaleidoscope" and said it with emphasis. I think the tenth person referred me to her cousin who was starting up his business and could get me a great deal.

As I said, I expect the best product/service available, and I will be the first to say that you get what you pay for. I remember that you had four events to do on the Saturday that you met me. Yet you still came out and met Bethany and I at the hotel and showed us examples. Me being me, I wanted to see EVERYTHING and know the prices for each service offered. You and your assistant were extremely patient with my Groomzilla attitude. I didn't want to bloat your ego at the time, but my fiancee was tearing up when she saw the light pink textured lighting coating the ceilings. I initially only wanted some uplighting on the walls. A pretty simple job. We ended up with some spotlighting on the Sweetheart Table (ended up being VERY helpful for speeches), a soft light to keep the cake lit up when everything else was so dark(this is a MUST when you drop that kind of money on a darn cake!), two different alternating colors of uplighting that blended into the textured ceiling, and our names and monogram up in lights above the table.

When Bethany and I previewed the room with our coordinator right after our ceremony, she started crying again. All this beauty we got for the price of some colored tablecloths and napkins. Many of our guests commented on the lighting and how beautiful the Ballroom looked that evening. Given the opportunity, I would advise any couple planning to have a beautiful ceremony to contact you folks. For the last year I have been made to watch Platinum Weddings over and over and over again. They always flash the prices of what each of these services costs at these weddings ranging from a few hundred thousand to a couple million dollars. The prices that they would show for lighting seemed absurd. Meeting with you guys was probably the icing on the cake for our wedding. It was AWESOME!! I hope you end up getting some pics from Damon. If not, I will be sure to send some your way.

If people could see the finished product before the wedding, they would never hesitate to order it and pay for it. I wish there was a way that we could both do that in our respective careers. I don't know what more I can say than Thank You. If you need a reference, you can always tell potential customers that the guy they called Groomzilla on the news and in the Sentinel thinks that your company, product, and top notch customer service is a MUST at any wedding.

Thanks again, Ben.


Lighting was not something we thought of until we went to the open house at Casa Feliz. I am so glad Kaleidoscope was there to offer their services. The service exceeded my expectations, especially when we received the gift package for movie night. Kaleidoscope provides excellent service with a flawless set up. Thank you for making our wedding night spectacular!

Ryan & Vicki

Kaleidoscope did the lighting for our wedding reception at the Mount Dora Golf Association in Mount Dora and did a FANTASTIC job! The room amazing and better than we thought it could. Our expectations were exceeded and Ben even had some lighting with our names Ryan & Vicki near the dance floor...too cool!!

Great job Kaleidoscope and thanks so much for helping make our big day such a special one!!


K Event Lighting did a phenomenal job illuminating Bella Collina to magnify it's natural beauty! Ben and his team are a pleasure to work with, professional and efficient!

Great Job Kaleidoscope!


My wedding was January 23 at Casa Feliz. The wedding ceremony was at 4pm,right before sunset, so it was daylight and no lighting required. For the reception both the small and large courtyards in the back were lit using market lights strung over head. It was absolutely beautiful and threw the perfect amount of light.

I definitely recommend Kaleidoscope. :)

Laurie & David

Hello Ben and Michelle, Thank you and the Kaleidoscope Team for creating a spectacular and enchanting evening for our daughter and her new husband on the occasion of their wedding reception. Lake Mary's Central Park was literally transformed!

We took great delight in later discovering that Saturday, April 10th was the date "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald was published in 1925 (the year our home, site of the wedding ceremony, was built). Coincidence??? I think not! Stephanie had wished for a gatsby-like garden party look and I do agree you all delivered.

It was a pleasure working with you all. You were genuinely concerned with ensuring the details were precisely what we wished. We will gladly recommend your company and its professional and technical excellence.


Our wedding day lighting was gorgeous!!! I had a wonderful experience with Kaleidoscope and will say without a doubt that what they created was the crown on a masterpiece. Our video and photos would not have looked nearly as beautiful without the cafe lights and chandelier. Thank you!


I first met representatives for Kaleidoscope at a Bridal Event held at Lake Receptions, and I had never really thought about lighting for my daughter's wedding, until seeing the beautiful ballroom at the venue. The walls are all beautifully painted, but there is an air-wall that separates each room that I found to be not so eye-appealing.

After much talking with Michelle, at Kaleidoscope, we decided on the bride and grooms monogram in lights, and then surrounding that was a lovely leaf pattern in pale blue lights. It was gorgeous! It made such a nice impact, that you didn't even notice that it was an air-wall. Not only camouflage, but breathtaking as well. I found the people at Kaleidoscope to be kind and professional, and very happy to work with my budget.


My daughter Aisling's wedding was held at Casa Feliz in Winter Park in March. This home is the perfect backdrop for a special event. My sister in law said she felt she was in Spain not Winter Park. The lighting provided by Kaleidoscope enhances the architecture once the sun goes down. We had a perfect day with wonderful memories.




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