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Lighting is the essence of emotion—without it there is a void, whereas too much of it is a distraction. Lighting has its power when the perfect amount is present—when you walk into the room and lose your breath and when the spotlight illuminates your first dance. The power of lighting is realized by allowing you to create these enchanted memories.

To me, creativity is the most valuable element of what we do. The world is inundated with boring lighting designs that have been seen before or great lighting designs that have been implemented poorly. Our clients require the extraordinary, and that is what we do.

Beautiful things are expensive. This is why we do not work with everyone, but those with whom we do work never forget us.

I would love to speak with you about your event and share with you how we can make it better than anything you have seen before.

With eager anticipation.

Ben Lawles


Get inspiration for your event with a selection of photos from our past events.

Chandelier Rentals

We are proud to partner with Signature Chandeliers, provider of high-end chandelier rentals.


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