Lighting Design

Lighting Really is Breathtaking

We are passionate about lighting and the vital role it plays in the atmosphere of an event.

Through evoking emotion with color, spotlighting important areas of focus, and adding unique accents, each event design is custom created to fit your vision, venue, and dream. There are many different lighting companies, and each one offers a certain level of service.

I like to keep things short, but that’s hard when we are on the subject of lighting. Think about it— when you see a sunrise, what are you watching? When you gaze upon a shooting star, what are you witnessing? Lighting.

Let’s take a more abstract approach to the subject. When you are watching a movie and tears well up in your eyes; what set the stage for emotion? Music? Yes. Storyline? Yes. But alas, lighting created the foundation for all other elements to take effect. Do you think you would have cared if Rose let Jack go in the “Titanic” if fluorescent lights were on? I think not. The dark sea, the small glimmer in her eye, the amber color of the flames bouncing off of her cheeks—all of that was done with lighting.


Get inspiration for your event with a selection of photos from our past events.

Chandelier Rentals

We are proud to partner with Signature Chandeliers, provider of high-end chandelier rentals.


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